Not only does R&R Pallet, Inc. set the standard for quality and service in the Pallet Industry, but we are the largest pallet manufacturer and recycler in the Midwest Region!


We provide pallet solutions for customers both locally and nationally, with centralized locations that not only enables us to maximize service across the Colorado Front Range, but also allows us to better serve customers across the entire Midwest Region.


Regardless of the size of your project, our knowledgeable and highly-skilled team has the resources and years of experience to take care of your pallet needs. Plus, we do so in a timely and efficient manner going as far as to cater to your logistical and transportation requirements to make your business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible--services you won't find anywhere else!


Don't take our word for it! See for yourself why R&R Pallet of Garden City and Topeka has become the recognized industry leader by contacting our professional staff committed to providing the highest level of customer care and satisfaction you are looking for and deserve!


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R & R Pallet of Garden City and Topeka strives to be the “Absolute Best Value” to those purchasing new pallets for their company. By investing in the most technologically advanced lumber milling and automated pallet assembly equipment available, R&R Pallet has been able to streamline production costs and develop a high quality manufacturing facility unmatched in the region. We utilize a wide variety of lumber species that are railed and trucked directly into our facility daily. With a limitless range of pallet designs and sizes from which to choose, simply contact us today and let our professionals help find the best solutions for your pallet needs.

New Pallets



R & R Pallet of Garden City, Inc. has established a rock solid reputation based on quality products and services that you can count on. With over 35 years of industry experience, R&R Pallet has developed some to the best pallet processing methods and economies of scale in the nation. Our high volume pallet procurement and repair capabilities ensure that you get a great product at a very competitive price. Vendors benefit from our state-of-the-art methods by capturing higher resale rates of used pallets that are in need of repair or are ready for recycling. So whether you’re buying or selling used pallets, R&R Pallet is committed to being your vendor of choice!

Used Pallets



In wood industries, there is always a portion of biomass waste that is too poor of quality to recycle and reuse. At R&R Pallet, we see to it that all natural resources are at the end of their lifecycle before turning to bio-burn technology in which wood chips are burned to generate electricity. According to the Southern Forest Products Association (, “wood contributes fewer greenhouse gas emissions than non-renewable steel and concrete.” R&R Pallet aims to minimize its carbon footprint by selling premium grade wood residue in the form of fiber chips and yard waste compost when materials are no longer suitable for other uses.




Utilizing wood chips for livestock padding has proven to be a sustainable and affordable approach to ensure healthy and comfortable livestock environments while limiting runoff which may lead to sediment and nutrient loss. Use of wood chip padding better controls moisture and variances in temperature while improving animal comfort and health in winter feeding and loafing areas. R&R Pallet's wood shavings typically last three to four times longer than the alternatives, and the best part is that there is no waste! Choose an environmentally-friendly option. Choose R&R Pallet of Garden City and Topeka.

Livestock Bedding

Professional Services

At R & R Pallet, Inc., we know every company has different needs. Our experts will analyze your specific industry and custom tailor a pallet management program that most benefits you because your success is our success!


Expect our Operations and Client Care Professionals to work closely with you in personally tailoring an "a la carte" or end-to-end solution for your business.


One of our priorities is to bring in a team of knowledgeable experts to examine and resolve your pallet requisites so that you can focus on maximizing the day-to-day operations of your business.


Contact R&R Pallet, Inc. and take advantage of decades of experience!

If your business utilizes a large volume of pallets frequently, pallet repair is likely a beneficial service for you. Instead of dealing with the constant purchase and repurchase of pallets, R&R Pallets, Inc. will repair and maintain broken pallets before they accumulate and take up valuable real estate at your facility.


Our team of experts will even help you employ an action plan in which we will pick up, repair and deliver pallets to your business site at competitive prices that are typically lower than re-purchasing new or re-manufactured pallets.


Should you still have questions or would simply like to discuss the possibilities, contact our team and schedule a private consultation today.

R&R Pallet, Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art computer-aided drafting technology to design and engineer pallets to suit your needs. Our pallet design services include professional designers who will build-to-suit in a 3-D environment ensuring precision and efficiency on each of your projects.


Our PDS services optimize pallet design, reduce cost, minimize product damage, and increase safety throughout the shipping and handling process.


Contact our professionals for an in-depth explanation on the importance of proper pallet design and let us start constructing wooden pallets for you.

In 2004, the federal government mandated that all exported wood products to other countries need to be in compliance with the IPPC international standard ISPM 15 to regulate wood and wood packaging for international trade.


R&R Pallet, Inc. is an industry leader in providing certified Heat Treatment & Sterilization services to guarantee your shipments are in compliance with government regulations.


Conducting global business? Contacting R&R Pallet, Inc. is essential to securing a uninterrupted flow of goods before shipping internationally.


Ensure Compliance With Certified Heat Treatment & Sterilization Services!

Logistics & Transportation

R&R Pallet, Inc. of Garden City and Topeka understands business--after all, we've been in business ourselves for over 25 years. Much of our success comes from acknowledging that every company is not the same and cater to the differentiation in terms of pallet design and production, maintenance and repair, disposal, recycling, delivery and much more.


Our team is comprised of experienced professionals skilled at analyzing the goals of each individual industry and at implementing action plans associated with Total and Complete Pallet Management. Programs are custom tailored to the specific needs of each particular industry including components that may be added on an "a la carte" basis or as an ongoing end-to-end solution.


Our logistics plans take into consideration the production of necessary pallets from the initial 3-dimensional computer-aided designs to the production and maintenance of pallets. R&R Pallet's experts then determine how many and of what kinds of pallets are most beneficial to achieving your goals while maximizing your company's profits. We can even schedule pick-ups and deliveries of pallets so as to streamline work flow and help you gain a competitive edge with improved economies of scale.


R&R Pallet Logistics

The R&R Pallet, Inc. Logistics Team implements the following criteria:


  • Computer-Aided Pallet Design Systems (PDS) to Ensure Pallet Safety and Standardization
  • Pallet Production to Improve Storage, Shipping Space Sufficiency & Load-Handling Speed
  • Pallet Maintenance & Repair to Help Minimize Accidents & Bolster Productivity
  • Pallet Sorting, Inspection, Delivery & Retrieval to Give You One Less Thing to Worry About
  • Pallet Disposal & Recycling in Our Efforts to Maintain a Zero-Waste, Earth-Friendly Carbon Footprint
  • Facility Inspections or Audits & Unit Load Consulting for Safety & Efficiency
  • Company-wide Analysis of Volumes, Applications, Needs, Cost Containment, Capital & Financing, etc.
  • Plans of Action for Just-in-Time Deliveries & Retrievals including Closed-Loop Systems
  • Research & Application of Regulatory Requirements Including International Trade Prerequisites

R&R Pallet Transportation Services

Our Just-In-Time, Closed-Loop Pallet Management and other R&R Pallet Programs require dependable trucking lines to guarantee a seamless, uninterrupted flow of our products and services to keep your business running as smoothly and efficiently as your customers expect.


In order to minimize mishaps in shipments,

R&R Pallet, Inc. owns its own fleet of over-the-road

trucks and is licensed throughout the Continental U.S.

enabling us to deliver products on demand and

with maximum flexibility for last minute adjustments.

We maintain a large fleet of tractors along with over

250 trailers to best accommodate our clients in

deliveries and retrieval of pallets as well as lumber.

Our attention to detail means you can count on

dependable, on-time pick-up and delivery in addition to

dry and secure storage for your pallets. The teams at

R&R Pallet of Garden City and Topeka are staffed with

responsive professionals who are committed to moving

your pallets timely and efficiently.


Should you have any additional questions regarding

R&R Pallet, Inc. services or would feel more comfortable

speaking with an associate over the phone, please call our

Garden City, Kansas, office at 620.275.2394 or our Topeka,

Kansas, office at 785.862.0144, and we'll do our best to

address all of your concerns. We strongly believe that our

informed clients are our best clients so please don't hesitate

to Contact Us.

Delivery & Retrieval: It's What We Do!

The Transportation Fleet at R&R Pallet, Inc. has been delivering and retrieving products for over a quarter century! We know the ins-and-outs of the business and offer all of our experience in every mile we cover.


A Short List of Our Competitive Advantages:


  • Over Twenty-Five Years in Operation
  • 32 Power Units and 300+ Dry Vans Including 4 Live-Bottoms
  • Two (2) Great Locations in Heartland USA located in Garden City, KS, & Topeka, KS, with Full-Service Shops!
  • One Central Dispatch Location in Garden City, KS, which minimizes miscommunication.
  • More than 65 Years Combined Experience in the Trucking Industry!
  • Average Length of Employment for Our Loyal Over-the-Road Drivers is 10 Years!
  • All of Our Drivers and Dispatchers are FSMA-Certified
  • Permitted for All 48 Continental State--There's Nowhere Our Trucks Don't Go!
  • 24/7/365 Dispatch--We're Always Open! Available by Calling 620-275-2394 Ext 309


Key Contact Personnel:

Roger Wadel, Dispatch Manager


  • DOT # 659246
  • ICC # 446313


About R&R Pallet, Inc.

Our Mission

R&R Pallet, Inc. aims to create and distribute quality products and services in such a way as to promote safety, honesty and efficiency while minimizing the carbon footprint delivery of our products and services requires.


Our Heritage

R&R Pallet, Inc. was founded by Rodney Wadel in Fort Morgan, Colorado, born of a combination of ingenuity and necessity. Soon after, he expanded to a second location in Denver, Colorado. A facility in Dodge City, Kansas, came next. In 2000, the decision was made to consolidate operation into a single facility in Garden City, Kansas. Since then, our customer base has grown in such that in 2014 R&R Pallet opened a second full service facility in Topeka, Kansas.


Between 1995 and 2000, Rodney's brother and father joined him in the business. All three men have backgrounds in farming. Walt grew corn, milo and wheat in southwest Kansas for decades until he left farming to work with Rodney. He is semi-retired now but remains an important mentor and advisor to both Rodney and the R&R family.


Rodney also owns and operates R&R Logistics, which is directly related to R&R Pallet, Inc. The R&R Logistics team is comprised of a fleet of roughly 25 trucks and 260 trailers strategically operated to ensure a closed-loop system for our clients and any shipping needs they may have.


Our Direction & Philosophy

R&R Pallet, Inc. of Garden City and Topeka operates a state-of-the art pallet manufacturing and recycling facility with computer-controlled pallet sort, repair, assembly and dismantling production lines. Our intention is to stay ahead of our competitors through a combination of aggressive upgrades and proficient delivery of quality products and services. In order to provide more competitive pricing, R&R Pallet, Inc. automated its pallet repair line in the spring of 2006 increasing production and reducing labor cost. Doing so also allowed R&R Pallet, Inc. to supply a higher level of customer service which is an integral part of its business.


The R&R Pallet management team works diligently to assimilate action plans that enrich the lives of all of those directly and indirectly involved with the products and services we deliver. We base our growth on pillars of truth, dependability and sustainability to provide the best possible value in the pallet industry. R&R Pallet has even gone the extra step of integrating a complete logistics team to address those things which you may not have considered for and within your business. Just one more reason we are the preferred pallet manufacturing and distribution source in the Midwest Region.


Our systems yield the very best in new and recycled pallets to meet your exact specifications. In fact, we always strive to provide the best service possible. If customers call and need something, we make it happen, regardless, of the hour or day.

                                                                                               -- From the Business Office


Corporate Responsibility

We believe building client relationships and exceeding customer expectations have been driving forces to our success. We not only desire to provide you with outstanding products and services, but we want to be the most reliable resource for market-condition and industry related information available. Furthermore, we aim to deliver our products and services while leaving a minimal carbon footprint and operate on a zero-waste platform that uses and reuses raw materials until they are no longer useful for pallet manufacturing. It is at this stage that we re-purpose those materials and market them as mulch for landscaping and livestock bedding. Our business is truly green.

See for yourself!

R&R Pallet, Co. proudly partners with Nature's PackagingTM in order to stay abreast industry-best practices, particularly in consideration of the environmental impact of pallet manufacturing and distribution processes.

Watch Nature's Packaging'sTM Video to Learn More!

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